Essay by Warren Chalk. First published in RAIC Journal, May 1965.

Contrary to the belief that pioneer architecture is over and that ‘the revolution finished twenty years ago’, there is evidence of an increasing interest in that diverse congregation of revolutionaries whose drive springs from a desire to transcend the cultivated academic doctrines and disciplines of the Modern Movement and operate in an area at once chaotic and ingenious, irrational and inspired. From time to time they have found their names optimistically lumped together and their work classified under the lable of Fantastic Architecture (Fantastic Architecture Exhibition, organized by the Museum of Modern Art, New York; ‘Architectures Fantastiques’, L’Architecture Aujourd’hui, June and July 1962; Fantastic Architecture, by Conrads and Sperlich, 1963, and Archigram 40. Can the recent Keynote Luncheon Lecture, L’Architecture Fantastique, by André Bloc, in Montreal in June, be seen as yet another attempt to grasp the tiger by the throat – or tail?