'Archigram Nine and a Half'. An update on Archigram projects under way during the busy period of the Archigram office rather than a ‘full’ Archigram magazine. Two pages, different sizes, black and white, unpriced. Video in Magazines section.
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A ‘supplement’ produced to update readers during the busy period of the Archigram Office working on the Monte Carlo project showing projects in progress rather than a full ‘Archigram’ issue. UnpricedTexts by EXP

Contributors: Ron Herron; Peter Cook; Diana Jowsey; Dennis Crompton; Naomi Bornstein; Kathy De Witt

ARCHIGRAM 9½, 1970
Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
By that time we’d just won Monte Carlo, had an office-

Kester Rattenbury
- A huge project -

Dennis Crompton
- A huge project, yes. So there were endless conversations, as there have been for the last thirty years, about doing another issue of Archigram. But the most that we ever managed was around about ’72 or whenever it was. Peter did a quick thing that was just sort of reporting on what we were up to, so it wasn’t really an Archigram, so it got called 9-and-a-half; it was a supplement.

It was really just the current projects that were working on, some real projects and some abstract projects. We were doing things, like, there were three competition entries for the Mint Housing so there was just one image of each of those; there’s the Northampton thing that Ron did with Archie McNab; and another project of Ron’s; Peter’s House of the Seven Veils; the Malaysia Exhibition that Ron and I and Diana did; one of Ron...

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Michael Webb