First Archigram magazine. Two sheets of paper of different sizes stapled together, containing text and collage of projects. Black and white with red potato print dot. Print run of around 400. Price sixpence. Video available in Magazines section.
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Archigram Paper One. Edited (nominally) by David Usborne, 64 Regents Park Road London NW1. Produced by Peter Cook and David Greene; text largely by Greene; composition largely by Cook. Produced in James Cubitt’s office. Copies are rareTexts by EXP

ARCHIGRAM 1, 1961.
Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
The very beginning of things. It was just two sheets. The first sheet was produced on an office duplicating machine; one of those things where you write or cut a stencil and then sort-of wind it around. And a piece of potato was cut out to make the red dot on it. This, basically, was done by Peter [Cook] and David [Greene]; David providing the sort-of-poetry words and Peter putting it together.

When I talk about these magazines, what’s interesting from my point of view as somebody who does books, is that this was the beginning of the availability of offset litho[graph], as a generally available thing, rather than something within a professional context. So this was right at the beginning.

This was, as you might say, ‘properly’ produced – the second sheet of the first issue – and had the projects that Peter and Mike [Webb] and David had been working on during the previous two or three years [at university]; like Mike’s Furniture Factory from the Regent Street Poly [now University of Westminster], David’s Mosque from Not...

Peter Cook, David Greene, Michael Webb