Sixth Archigram magazine. Reversible magazine with two fronts: one 1960s themed, the other 1940s themed. Cover designs by Geoff Reeve. Video available in Magazines section.
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Two magazines in one; (experimentation in 1960s/1940s). “LP” sized 305x305mm (12”) square, two front covers designed by Geoff Reeve; ‘Archigram 6(0)’ red and green; ‘The 40s’ black and white. 11 no sheets 305x128 (offcuts) and 10 no sheets 305x305mm, stapled. In some issues, Archigram's Self Ad [page 11] remain attached to the editorial page [page 16]. Price 3 shillings.

Editorial/production: Peter Cook, editor; Warren Chalk, Dennis Crompton
Cover: Geoff Reeve
Editorial & Production Panel: Peter Cook, Warren Chalk, Dennis Crompton, Ron Herron, Mike Webb, David Greene
40s selection: Warren Chalk & Ron Herron

Airhouses, Cedric Price; Ideas, John Outram; Latest from the World of Plug-in; Newcomers: Martin Godfrey; Josef Weber; Nick Grimshaw

Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
So, Archigram 6, the technology of production: again, it’s a silk-screen print by yours-truly onto a coloured paper, and this one, rather than being stapled was actually glued to the front, so that there weren’t these nasty staples appearing, but the glue has long since collapsed.

Kester Rattenbury
Is it actually record cover size or is it just smaller?

Dennis Crompton
Oh, I don’t know. (measures) Yes, that’s twelve inches square. 1966-65, its round about the time that LP’s appeared.

So this issue has two fronts and no back. There’s one front which is there, and another front which is ...

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Michael Webb