Third Archigram magazine: ‘Expendability: Towards Throwaway Architecture’. Seven equally-sized pages of yellow paper, stapled. Professionally printed. Price one shilling. Video available in Magazines section.
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Dark green ink appearance (may have been blue or black ink). Magazine of Ideas Architecture. Published at 59 Aberdare Gardens, London NW6Texts by EXP

Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
So, there we go. Archigram 3. Again, it was assembled and stapled, and looking at the staples, I think it’s hand done. You see they have that sort of staple that have a bow in them, that show they’ve been done with a punch.

This was the first issue that had a theme to it. Previous issues had just been things that were interesting topics that Peter wanted and David and Mike wanted to discuss. The third issue was about expendability, so it goes through, and it’s all offset litho, printed in a sort-of dark green ink on to yellow duplicate paper.

The quality of the printing is never great in any of the issues of Archigram. Even with the issue in front of you, it’s often quite difficult to read because of the quality of the printing.

Kester Rattenbury
Why was the green ink chosen?

Dennis Crompton
I’ve no idea; it was probably cheaper than the black. It may not have been green ink. I mean, to be technical, it could have been a dark blue ink, which with the yellow of the paper would have gone green.

Kester Rattenbury
It could have been black actually, and just faded.

Dennis Crompton

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Peter Taylor, Michael Webb