Second Archigram magazine. Seven pages of one size, one double-sized and folded. Stapled and professionally printed editorials and projects; front cover designed by Peter Taylor. Price one shilling and sixpence. Video available in Magazines section.
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Professional printing was funded by money won by Peter Cook (competition for a Gas House) Contains ad for the LCC. Sold for 1s 6d (7.5p); money posted by readers on receipt of magazine. Copies are rareTexts by EXP

Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
This was the second issue, a year or so later. By this time Ron [Herron], Warren [Chalk] and myself were in contact with Peter, David and Mike, mainly because Peter wanted us to contribute to the second issue of Archigram. We weren’t big buddies by then, that came slightly later.

Just before this issue came out, Peter had entered a Student or a Young Architects Competition for a Gas House and he’d won a prize. He put some of the prize money --or maybe all of the prize money -- into the production of the second issue of Archigram; because he wanted to, as he puts it, use “proper printing”. So the text pages were actually typeset with metal type because there wasn’t any digital type-settings then.

Both issues 1 and 2 are extremely rare; this is the only one I’ve got [of Archigram 2] and it’s got notes written on it and so on. It had, I think, four pages of type written and printed by letterpress pages; and other pages, like this one, which were printed offset litho.

And these two projects are the reason, Peter had got in touch with ...

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Peter Taylor, Michael Webb