Fourth Archigram magazine ‘Amazing Archigram / Zoom’; science fiction/science fact theme. Silkscreened cover design by Warren Chalk. Coloured “pop up” section. Price two shillings. Video available in Magazines section.
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Spring-summer 1964. Cover: Warren Chalk; other features: Peter Cook; silk screening: Dennis Crompton, cut-outs by whole team. “Zoom”, space comic/ science fiction issue. Space-age-sci-fi comic strip annotated with additional text and commentary text. First issue to be distributed internationally, according to Cook via critic Reyner Banham, but back cover carries list of international booksellers carrying magazineTexts by EXP

Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
Then this is when we went international: Archigram 4. And the mythology about this is: Peter had just got them from the -- well, it couldn’t have been just from the printers, although he tells the story like that, because we had to hand-cut all the centre pages, and the outer pages I had to silk-screen because the rest of the magazine was printed. The blue was printed litho and the yellow and the red I overprinted using silkscreen. And then we all sat around endless nights in Taylor Woodrow’s office and cut the ‘pop-up’ page.

Peter had a bunch of these under his arm whilst walking down Aberdare Gardens where he lived at the time, and across the road from Peter lived Reyner Banham. We already knew Reyner quite well by then, and so they stop in the street, and Banham says, ‘Oh, I’m off to the States tomorrow, anything interesting to say?’ ...

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Michael Webb