Fifth Archigram magazine, ‘Metropolis’ city theme. 22 pages, two fold outs. Cover design by Rae and Ben Fether. Price two shillings. Print run 1250. Video available in Magazines section.
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Archigram is now registered as business name. pages 215x150mm landscape, stapled along left hand edge. 22 single-sided pages of which 2 fold out to 353x150mm (A Walking City, Ron Herron and An Endpiece, Andrew Anderson). Pages collaged and typed with Letraset titles. Printers were Grants. 1250 copies printed. Price 2 shillings (10p)Texts by EXP

Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
Having done the Living City Exhibition, the Living Arts catalogue for the exhibition is very much a city manifesto that we produced. We then produced an issue of Archigram with lots and lots of pages that were about the city, about Metropolis.

So this was again a themed issue. Very small writing. The editorial’s where it should be, at the beginning. But just looking at city phenomena, you know, people like Ebenezer Howard, like Sant’Elia, like just a photograph of Piccadilly Circus. And this, as I say, this cover was designed by Rae and Ben Fether. Rae and Ben had worked with us on the Living City Exhibition as well. They’re product designers, and graphic designers. So this, mostly, goes through sort-of city phenomenon. Some of it real cities, some of it proposed cities.

See, that’s a funny thing. I hadn’t noticed, but do you remember Jack Robinson? Wasn’t he the centre mid-term Manhattan planning guy? And he’s still a...

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, Rae Fether, Ben Fether, David Greene, Ron Herron, Michael Webb