Ninth Archigram magazine ‘Fruitiest yet’, green or seed issue, landscape theme. Eleven double sided coloured paper pages, stapled and folded. Packet of Night Scented Stock seeds included. Video available in Magazines section.
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“Free Seed Offer” (‘Seed issue’) ‘Archi-zones’ communications and landscapes. Eleven sheets 400mm x 253mm, stapled on left and folded in half forming 22 ‘pages’. Various types, weights, colours of paper and range of one, two and three colour printing. Packet of Night Scented Stock seeds stapled to page 11. Two loose flyers: Architectural Design and Nottingham School of Architecture. UnpricedTexts by EXP

Editor: Peter Cook. Editorial Assistant: Geoff Taunton. Consulting: The Archigram Group: Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Mike Webb. US: Envirolab, Dept. of Urban Design, UCLA, LA. Cover: Tony Rickaby.

Interview with Dennis Crompton

Dennis Crompton
So, now we’re in 1970, so there’s a gap between 8 and 9 of two, two and a half years. Archigram 9 was stapled together, was in a particular order, wasn’t A3! But it did, it was the gardener’s issue. The guy I just mentioned, Tony Rickaby, actually designed the cover for this with David. There was another guy who was appearing round about now, Barnard, Mike Barnard, working with David.

So, the various things on here carry over into the exhibition. This is where the dog came from, and the electronic spade and fork appear in this thing; and the garden shed, the hut, the garden gnome. ...

Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, Tony Rickaby, Geoff Taunton, Michael Webb