John Warren Chalk (1927-1987)


1938-1944     Hyde County Grammar School, Manchester, H.S.C.

1944-1949     College of Art and Technology School of Architecture, Manchester, R.I.B.A.



Working Practice Positions held:

1949-1953     Croydon Borough Council, Architects' Department, Schools Division, Assistant Architect

1953-1961     London County Council (LCC), Architects' Department, Architect Grade II

1961-1965     Taylor Woodrow Construction (TWC), Architects Department, Deputy Chief Architect



Teaching Positions Held:

1965-1967     The Architectural Association, London, 5th Year AADip RIBA  Design Course, Diploma Tutor

1967-1968     University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, Faculty of Architecture & Urban Design, BArch Design Course, Visiting Lecturer

1968-1970     University of California, Los Angeles, USA, Faculty of Architecture & Urban Design, BArch Graduate Programme, Visiting Lecturer

1970-1972     McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Faculty of Architecture, BArch Graduate Programme, Visiting Lecturer

1972-1973     Syracuse University, New York, USA, Faculty of Architecture, BArch Graduate Programme, Visiting Lecturer

1973-1978     The Architectural Association, London, School of Architecture, Unit Master

1978-1979     Central Polytechnic, London, Department of Architecture, First Year Tutor

1978              St Martins School of Art, London, History and General Studies Department, Lecturer



Private Practice:

1961                Member of Archigram Group, Partner

1961                Admitted Member of Society of Industrial Arts, MSIA

1965                Admitted Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, FBIS



Completed Buildings:

1958                Shoreditch Comprehensive School (LLC: Schools Division)

1959                Clapham County College (LLC: Schools Division)

1960                Chelsea College of Art and Technology and Chelsea Fire Station Development (LLC: Schools Division)

1961-1963      South Bank Arts Centre Development, Queen Elizabeth Hall of Hayward Art Gallery (GLC: General Division) Co-Designer – Ron Herron

1963-1965      Euston Station Redevelopment, British Rail, Deputy Chief Architect (Taylor Woodrow Construction) Co-Designer – Ron Herron                                                



Private Practice, Chalk and Herron:

1959                British European Airways Sales Office and Coach Station, Deansgate, Manchester

1960                British European Airways Sales Office, Lower Regent Street, London

1960                British European Airways Sales Office (Freight), Carlton Street, London

1961                British European Airways Sales Office and Coach Station, Guernsey, Channel Islands

1962                Shopping Precinct Scheme, Old Street, City of London

1962                Woolwich Ferry Dock Installations Scheme, London




1961                Founder Member Archigram Group: Chalk, Cook, Crompton, Greene, Herron & Webb, Including Archigram Magazine and Archigram Architects

1963                Living City Exhibition shown at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Manchester City Art Gallery, Walker Art Gallery, Cambridge

1965                Archigram Exhibition shown at Salines Royals Arc et Senans, Doubs, France

1967                Living 1990 Exhibition (Archigram) shown at: Harrods, London; Paris Biennale; Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; and featured in Sunday Times Colour Magazine

1968                Archigram Milano Exhibition shown at Fourteenth Milan Triennale, Italy

1969                Archigram Exhibition shown at Kunsthalle, Lund, Sweden; Camden Arts Centre, London

1970                Archigram Exhibition shown at the 1970 Osaka World Expo, Osaka, Japan

1971                International Institute of Design Summer Session, The Architectural Association, London

1975                Art Net: London, Consultant (with Peter Cook)



Architectural Competitions, Chalk & Herron:

1957                Paisley Technical College, Scotland  Second Prize

1958                Enfield Civic Centre Competition, Middlesex  Mention

1959                Hallsomer Housing Competition,  Second Prize

1959                National Gallery Extension, Sunday Times Competition

1959                Hertfordshire Primary School Competition

1960                Lincoln Civic Centre Competition, Mention

1962                Liverpool University Halls of Residence Competition

1972                Monte Carlo Entertainments Centre Competition,  First Prize Winner


On own Account, Competitions, etc:

1978                House at an Intersection International Competition, Kenchiku Bunka, Japan,  Fourth Prize

1979                A Wind Forest Competition Melbourne Landmark, Australia

1980                Sunday Times House Competition

1981                Tarmac Midshires Leisure Living Competition



On own Account, Others:

1970                Co-opted Member, Inter-Faculty UCLA Computer Graphics Research Consultant,  UCLA

1970                Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Apollo Mission Astro Physics Laboratory, Santa Barbara, California, USA,  NASA

1971                Housing Development Project, Santa Monica, California, USA,  Murray Corporation

1971               Inflatable Dome for film,  MGM Studios

1971        Myra Breckenridge, Hollywood, California,  Goodyear Corp

1972                Tour Organiser, Canadian Government Housing Ministry, Ottawa, Canada  American Tour (1 month)

1978                Queensgate Competition, Time Tunnel, Art Net Gallery, London,  Exhibited

1978                Eight Assemblages, Art Net Gallery, London,  Exhibited

1981                Series of Eighteen Original Drawings including Plug-in Capsule Tower; Expo 67, Montreal; Dwelling Module; given to Collection of Heinrich Klotz Archives, Deutsches Architeckt Museum, Warburg, Germany




Archigram, Studio Vista (1972)

 Archigram Magazine 9 issues (1961-1970)

Design Magazine Correspondent (1968-72)

Living Arts Magazine


Works published in:

Architectural Review

Architects' Journal

RIBA Journal

Ark Magazine, Royal College of Art, London

Architecture D’Aujord’hui, France

Forum Magazine, USA

Design Quarterly, USA

Japan Architect

Shinkenchiku, Japan

Kenchiku Bunka, Japan

John Warren Chalk



1938-44            Hyde County Grammar School, Manchester                  H.S.C.

1944-49            College of Art and Technology
                        School of Architecture, Manchester                               R.I.B.A.


Working Practice Positions held:


1949-53            Croydon Borough Council                                        
                        Architects Department, Schools Division                        Assistant Architect

1953-61            London County Council (LCC)                                             
                        Architects Department                                                  Architect Grade II

1961-65            Taylor Woodrow Construction (TWC)                                 
                        Architects Department                                                   Deputy Chief Architect


Teaching Positions Held:


1965-67            The Architectural Association, London

5th Year AADip RIBA  Design Course                     Diploma Tutor

1967-68            University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

                         Faculty of Architecture & Urban Design                

                        BArch Design Course                                                   Visiting Lecturer      
1968-70           University of California, Los Angeles, USA

                        Faculty of Architecture & Urban Design                

                        BArch Graduate Programme                                         Visiting Lecturer

1970-72           McGill University, Montreal, Canada

                       Faculty of Architecture                   
                        BArch Graduate Programme                                         Visiting Lecturer

1972-73           Syracuse University, New York, USA
                        Faculty of Architecture
                        BArch Graduate Programme                             Visiting Lecturer

1973-78           The Architectural Association, London

                        School of Architecture                                                  Unit Master
1978-79           Central Polytechnic, London

                        Department of Architecture                                           First Year Tutor       

1978                St Martins School of Art, London                                             
                        History and General Studies Department                       Lecturer

Private Practice:

1961               Member of Archigram Group                                         Partner

1961               Admitted Member of Society of Industrial Arts               MSIA                       

1965               Admitted Fellow of the British 

                        Interplanetary Society                                                   FBIS


Completed Buildings:


1958                Shoreditch Comprehensive School                   GLC: Schools Division                   

1959                Clapham County College                                              GLC: Schools Division

1960                Chelsea College of Art and Technology                         GLC: Schools Division
                        and Chelsea Fire Station Development                    

1961-63           South Bank Arts Centre Development,                          GLC: General Division
                        Queen Elizabeth Hall of Hayward Art Gallery    (Co-Designer – Ron Herron)                    

1963-65           Euston Station Redevelopment,                                     Taylor Woodrow Construction: Deputy Chief Architect

                        British Rail                                                                    (Co-Designer – Ron Herron)