David Greene


Born:            1937, Nottingham, England....

usual English provincial suburban upbringing, art school, elected associate member of the RIBA and down the motorway to London to begin a nervous twitchy career, swerving from commercial office to designing for Paul Smith to freelance practical speculations for developers to conceptual speculations for Archigram which he founded with Peter Cook. Over time a seemingly irresistible drift into teaching, writing, imagining and making projects on an ephemeral architecture for the third industrial age. Has taught variously in Europe, Scandinavia and North America, work published and exhibited similarly. RIBA Gold Medal 2002 (Archigram), joint Annie Spinks Award with Sir Peter Cook (2002). Currently visiting professor of architecture in the March course in advanced architectural design at Oxford Brookes University and a tutor in the first year at the Architectural Association.



Studied at: 

1948-1954     Nottingham Grammar School           

1954-1959     Nottingham School of Art                       


Worked for: among others…. 

1959              James Cubitt & Partners                       

1962              Architects’ Co-Partnership                       

1963              Taylor Woodrow Construction Architects Department           

1964              Ellis Clarke & Gallagher                       


Taught in: art schools, universities and architecture studios the world over, like…. 

1965-1969     Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA                       

1969              Fifth Year Master, Fine Art Department, Leicester Polytechnic           

1972-1974     Visiting Professor in Environmental Art, Fin Art Department, Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham

1975-1980     School of Architecture, The Architectural Association, London Teaching alongside others, including: Will Alsop, Warren Chalk, John Frazer, Tony Gwilliam, Crispin Osbourne

1976-2003     Studio Tutor, Department of Architecture, Central Polytechnic, London (Now University of Westminster

1983              Diploma Unit, Architectural Association, London, Teaching alongside Will Alsop and John Lyall

1984              Intermediate School, Architectural Association, London, Teaching alongside Will Alsop and John Lyall

1985-1988     Intermediate School, Architectural Association, London Teaching alongside Andrew Holmes and Mark Fisher

1988-1995     Diploma Unit, Architectural Association, London Teaching alongside Andrew Holmes and Mark Fisher

1996              Diploma Unit, Architectural Association, London Teaching alongside Shin Egashira

1997-             First Year Tutor, Architectural Association, London

2002-             MA in Advanced Architectural Design, Oxford Brookes University

1997-2007    Professor, University of Westminster


Collaborated with: many people, on a multitude of projects, such as…. 

1961-1974     Archigram, founding member (1961-1974)

1972              Casa Verde Andrew Holmes

1992              Searching For The Perfect Locations For An Architectural Suicide, Paul Khera


Lifelong project/s: developing and disintegrating through time and collaboration…. 

L.A.W.u.N* // Bottery // Invisible University

1969-            including:

   2009 L.A.W.u.N* #21: Cybucolia, Architectural Design, September 2009, written by David Greene and Samantha Hardingham

   2008   L.A.W.u.N* #20 Exhibition of David Greene’s work at the Architectural Association, including new models of Mosque project [1961] by Shin Egashira; ‘hairy coat’ [1969] by Rowan Mersh renamed Electro-Social-Camouflage; and Living Pod – Net Structure [1967] by Theodore Spyropoulos.

   2008   L.A.W.u.N* #19, The Disreputable Projects of David Greene…with Samantha Hardingham, Architectural Association Publication

   2006   Prospectus of the invisible university, London Architecture Biennale with Samantha Hardingham

   2006    Invisible University, Samantha Hardingham, [EXP, University of Westminster, London]

   2005              ‘Notes from the Institute of Experimental Anthropology’ in Experiments in Architecture, Samantha Hardingham

   1970   Institute of Electric Anthropology, with Michael Barnard

   1969   Invisible University/The Infraneutral Electrical Aborigine, with Michael Barnard