Born 1935, Blackpool, studied at Manchester University and worked at Frederick Gibberd and then the London County Council. ‘Conspicuously in charge of all the technical matters’ and ‘inventor of things that go bang in the night’, Crompton was the Archigram member who dealt with all the technical aspects of their projects, exhibitions and events/happenings, and also collected and recorded the group’s activities from their earliest days. This extensive collection now forms the Archigram Archive, being the main and most comprehensive collection of the group’s work. He has the driving force of the Archigram Exhibition which has toured the world since 1995 and has produced many books and exhibitions concerning Archigram, along with others publication at the Architectural Association until1996. He has taught worldwide and in BritainTexts by EXP

Conspicuously in charge of all technical matters that form part of Archigram’s output.
The inventor of the “things that go bang in the night”.
An enthusiast on gadgets, machines, techniques and systems.

The most practical member of the group who has nevertheless been known to flip completely when confronted with the opportunity to make a bigger and better and more bang-in-the-night apparatus.

Archigram, Edited by Peter Cook, Warren Chalk, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron & Mike Webb, 1972 [reprinted New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1999].