Unrealised project for an entertainments building and public park in Monte Carlo, Monaco, with further temporary amenities. Three stages: successful competition bid; technical assessment stage; working drawings.
Competition Stage: Plans of Banquet, Expo Space, Cultural Event ( 2 versions below )
Four photographic prints coloured with film and felt-tip pen
Some bowing of mount; big scratch on perspex at bottom and some at top
Ron Herron, Dennis Crompton, Peter Cook
Archigram Archives
  • Impression of Developed Site<br>(4 versions )
  • Site Layout From Coast
  • Hidden Delights<br>(2 versions )
  • Site Before Development
  • Land Pier
  • Hendrix Interior
  • Competition Stage: Plans of Banquet, Exp...<br>(2 versions )
  • Plan: Cultural Event<br>(4 versions )